About us

Paladin organisation is a direct sales and marketing company. Using the effective tool of human commercial we provide a direct path for our clients to reach their customers.

Paladin Organisation as a company that provides a platform for freshers and budding entrepreneurs to develop themselves and build a legacy of their own. Through our various training and development programs, we not only make the candidate suitable for the high-functioning corporate life but also give them a lifetime opportunity of owning and running a business.

What we do?

We act as a bridge between our clients and their potential end customers

  • Face to face marketing
  • Direct Sales
  • Customer acquisition
  • Branding and promotion
  • Revenue generation

For whom we work?

The service industry today is undoubtedly the largest industry across the world. We at Paladin cater to some of the best companies. We acquire thousands of customers every month for the likes of TATA SKY, HELPAGE INDIA, SOS, ICICI BANK and more.

  • Entertainment - DTHs
  • Charities - NGOs
  • Banking - Credit Cards

How we do it?

Our secret for creating outstanding quality results for our clients lies in the systems we use to acquire customers and methodologies which we use to train our team.

  • Human commercial
  • Law of averages
  • Steps to client representation
  • Direct approach to market
  • Business leadership training module

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